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1. Ulm Minster 

Ulm Minster is the largest Protestant church in Germany and famous as the highest church tower in the world. Those who climb the 768 steps to the top observation deck enjoy a unique view over Ulm, Neu-Ulm and the surrounding area.


Rathaus Ulm1

6. Fisherman & tanner´ s quarter

Ulm's old town on the Blau River offers many idyllic alleys and bridges, beautiful half-timbered houses and a variety of restaurants.

Ulmer Münster 2

12. City Hall Ulm

Ulm City Hall, with its lavishly painted facade and astronomical clock, is located not far from Ulm Minster.



7. Schiefes Haus

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Schiefes Haus is the world's most leaning hotel. The rustic half-timbered house is located in the middle of the Fischerviertel on the Blau River.



9. Metzgerturm

The Metzgerturm was formerly part of Ulm's city fortifications and is also known as the "Leaning Tower of Ulm" because at a height of 36 meters it leans 2.05 meters to the northwest.

Schiefes Haus

8. city wall

The city wall along the Danube is a popular promenade with cafes, restaurants and a beautiful view over the Danube and Neu-Ulm.



6. Schwörhaus

From the Schwörhaus, or House of City History, the mayor of Ulm renews the historic oath to the city constitution annually on Ulm's most important holiday, Schörmontag.


24. Bundesfestung
The Bundesfestung of Ulm/Neu-Ulm is one of five federal fortresses and was the largest federal fortress in Europe. The fortress path with 12.5 km invites you to explore and wander and provides information on 32 panels about the various buildings, their origin and function.


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